When Reece was 22, he saw an advertisement for a butcher’s apprenticeship. It piqued his interest enough to apply. He assumed it would be an interesting career, one in which he’d learn valuable skills. He assumed correctly.


He’s been with The Butcher Shoppe ever since, making it just over 3 years he’s honed his meat-carving expertise. With a keen eye, intense knowledge about every cut of meat, and outstanding customer skills, he’s a much loved team member. At The Butcher Shoppe, we’re incredibly lucky to have him on board. It’s safe to say he’s found his calling.


Aside from carving it up, Reece loves cooking. This is what makes him shine when servicing customers. To him as well as us, it’s more than just slicing up slabs of meat. It’s about giving our customers that extra attention to detail. Reece provides it in his enthusiasm for offering suggestions for preparation, going above and beyond the cut.