Jerry is the meat man with a plan, one that loves to get physical with his own BBQ rub experiments. At 16, he was an apprentice in 2007. By the time he turned 21, he was a manager at another butcher shop. His impeccable attention to detail and innovative spirit helped him carve a career in the field.


We love having him on board at The Butcher Shoppe because of his great personality and his willingness to try something new. As a BBQ master, his friends and family all rave about his pulled pork he lovingly attends to on the smoker.


Jerry is the kind of guy you want around when you’re hungry, for he’s got a cure for that. He has taken home a gold medal three years in a row for his chicken sausage and a bronze medal for his chilli cheese chorizo sausage. His playfulness comes out here, and we eagerly encourage it. It makes for more delicious ways to enjoy the meats we love!